Top DJ monitors of 2016 (via DJ Tools Guide)


We took a sneak peak at DJ Tools Guide and found their best monitor recommendations from 2016. Turns out that the JBL LSR305’s and KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5’s top their list. See all top 7 here – DJ Tools Guide also gives you guidance on how to pick your favorite.

Featured image from a review by Digital Trends.

Interview with DJ FU

DJ FUPart of our goal at DJIT is to provide a platform for DJs in Tanzania to showcase their ideas alongside their music. We understand and appreciate that curated music comes with a purpose and philosophy.

DJIT caught up with Jacob Selengia, a.k.a DJ FU, on his work, travels and mixes for our first interview on the site!

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1. We hear you’re touring in Nairobi next week! What’s this about?

I have been invited to play at the #JamesonConnectsKenya event where Tinie Tempah and Urban / Hip Hop music legend Tim Westwood are to headline. Jameson East Africa have been doing small activations within East Africa leading up to a this main end of year event.

2. Where will you be directing listeners’ attention out there?

This event is predominantly a Hip Hop event and thus I will be looking to play an Old School Hip Hop set with a twist where I will play newer Hip Hop music remixed to Old School music beats. I will also look to play Hip Hop tracks from Tanzania and East Africa alike.

3. What has been your biggest inspiration as a DJ?

I would have to say DJ Jazzy Jeff. Since the days of the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel Air came to the UK (because I was living in the UK at the time). I loved the show and then I found out that Jazzy Jeff was a DJ I started following him… and that’s where it all started.

Having said that my love for music came from my parents, music was a big part our family and was always an important aspect to our family parties.

4. Would you change anything about the Dar/TZ DJ scene?

I would actually, most DJs in Dar are passive DJs, by that I mean they just play the norm and what people expect. Very few actually research music to get unheard material and or new tracks that people would like but are not being played in the radio stations.

I often get asked by DJs for music or the latest remixes, mashups, refixes that they have heard me play. I am happy to share my music but just don’t understand why some DJs don’t take this profession seriously. I spend nearly 10 hours a week looking for new music and researching new musical trends, that’s why I am an “Open Format” DJ, due to the fact of my vast collection of a wide variety of music genres and the knowledge of these genres.

The other thing that is very annoying about some DJs in Dar is their greed for a job and undercutting their fee just to get the job over another DJ.  What they don’t realize is that they are lowering the value of our services as a whole.

Also event organizers and some venues should value the DJs they book for their events more as it’s us who make an event good!

5. How would you advise younger, newer DJs?

Firstly I would say that if passion for music is not there then they should forget entering this industry. They need to be determined and practice hard their skills and improve their music knowledge.

Also they should not expect instant fame and should know their limitations too. To get ahead they can go to DJ schools like Itch DJ Academy owned and ran by a good friend DJ PQ.

In a nutshell they need to see DJing as a profession and not just a cool fun thing to do, because its not all glamorous and parties… what us DJ do behind the scenes to prepare for gigs is very boring and takes a lot of our time.

Lastly I would say if they are serious then they will stay away from the women and heavy drinking when they are working, but instead be professional at all times!

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44-0-44-0 by C-Note

As DJIT’s first mix on our digital radio, we are playing C-Note’s most recent mix, 44-0-44-0, which he compiled while in transit last week at Entebbe International Airport.


  1. Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Moonwatchers remix)
  2. Rampue – Sonne Park und Sterni (Original mix)
  3. Stephen Beaumere – Gl’amour (Original mix)
  4. YokoO & Retza – Magnetic Souls (Original mix)
  5. Blackcoffee feat. Bucie – Turn Me On (Raw Artistic Soul vocal dub)
  6. Oona Dahl – Let The Light In (Moonlight dub)
  7. Pattern Drama – Ubud (Original mix)
  8. Powel – Shake The Birds Off The Tree (Original mix)
  9. Andrea Oliva – Decomposing (Original mix)
  10. Yousef – Reverence (Original mix)
  11. Loco Dice – Phat Dope Shit
  12. Jonas Saalbach – Ikebana (Original mix)
  13. Nicholas Deca – Adunare (Leon mix)
  14. 16 Bit Lolitas – Fat Fly (Original mix)
  15. Dance Spirit – Late Night Early Mornings (Bedouin remix)
  16. Joe T Vannelli feat. Chill – The end (Richie G remix)
  17. Ramon Tapia – Vagabonds (Original mix)
  18. Jimithesun DJ – Haven (Original mix)
  19. Lee Burridge, Junior & Lost Desert feat. Junior – Lingala (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski mix)
  20. Super Flu – Fibii Maybe (Original mix)